Cross-Referencing People

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School Interviews makes it easy to see who has made bookings, but sometimes you need to find out who hasn't. For example, if you have an event where you need all parents to attend, you want a list of those who haven't booked so you can chase them up. Our new cross-referencing feature means you can now do this without bribing the local database guru.


Before you can cross-reference people with bookings, you need a list of people you are expecting to book, including their email address. It is very difficult to match parents by name because they can use many different combinations (Liz Smith, Ms. E. Smith, and Elizabeth Smith for instance). Luckily email addresses are much more consistent, so we use them to match people from your list to people in School Interviews.

Apart from the email address, your list of people can contain any columns you like, in any order. Your student management system will almost certainly be able to export parent data, and even a simple spreadsheet of parent email addresses for contacting parents will work.


  1. Log in to School Interviews, and click the Cross-reference link at the top of the PARENTS page.
  2. Cut and paste your list into the YOUR DATA field. Don't worry if it looks jumbled, our data parser can handle most things.
  3. Click the green DOWNLOAD button.

To view the cross-referenced lists, click on the downloaded file to open it in your spreadsheet. You'll see your original data divided into three sections:

Easy! You can now email (or phone, if your original list included parents phone numbers) the people in the registered and unregistered lists to encourage them to make bookings. And the database guru didn't get that almond croissant you brought in for morning tea!

Last updated Fri 24 Apr 2020 by MessageMyWay Support.