Essential Services Bookings

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Most families and students are getting used to learning remotely but essential services families or vulnerable students may still require supervision at school. How do we know who is turning up on which day? What staff do we need on-site? And how do we trace who had contact with someone who turns out to be infectious?  Our sister service CareBookings service has the answers for you.


We introduced CareBookings a few years ago, to provide simple bookings for before and after school care. Now we've tweaked it to make your COVID-19 headaches disappear. In literally minutes, you can have a booking system where parents can book their students in for the days they are performing essential services. And your school can book in vulnerable students.

To see how simple it is for parents, make a test booking here. You can book for individual days, or all Mondays in the term, in a couple of clicks.

The CareBookings admin console shows bookings for the days ahead, so you can ensure you have the staff to cover students numbers each day. If you need it, a neatly printed day sheet allows you to confirm attendance, with sign-in and sign-out fields if required.

And if one of your staff or students does come down COVID-19, you've got accurate records of exactly when they were on site, and who they were in contact with.

Fair Price

We don't want to profit from the pandemic, and we're hoping that you only need the service for a couple of months. So we're charging the bare minimum to cover our costs.

$95 including GST

Click here to sign up for a free trial, or click the contact link at the top of the page for more information.

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