MMM... Multi-Mode Meetings!

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When COVID-19 hit last year, we added video-conferences to School Interviews. This was hugely popular, with over a thousand schools using the new feature. But as we've all adapted to new ways of working, schools have asked about phone meetings instead, or phone and video-conference meetings. We think you're going to say "mmm!" when you see our new multi-mode meetings.

Multi-mode meetings allow you to offer any combination of in-person, phone or video-conference meetings. If you offer more than one, parents select their preferred option when they register, and get tailored instructions with their bookings. So if they chose a phone meeting, their confirmation message says "The teacher will phone you at the booking time."; or if they chose a video-conference, they are presented with the teacher's video-conference link.

You set this up on the new Meeting Modes page, which you can reach from the link at the top of the EVENT page:

Even better, in an emergency you can add a new mode and change parents to it with a couple of clicks. Lets say you started with in-person meetings (the default), and bookings are in full swing. But then a lockdown is announced, and you decide it's best if teachers phone parents instead. The new multi-mode meetings feature makes it simple to change everyone to phone meetings, and send them updated confirmation emails:

As usual, our friendly support people would be delighted to help you set up your next event with multiple modes, or to talk you through an emergency mode change. Just click the CONTACT US button, and drop us an email or give us a call.

Last updated Sun 29 Aug 2021 by MessageMyWay Support.