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All went smoothly. School Interviews was easy to navigate and use. Our office staff thought it was fantastic as it reduced their workload and streamlined the process. It also offered the same benefits for teachers. Surprisingly, we did not receive many comments from parents, but the feedback we did receive, was positive.

- Debra Witte / Nightcliff Primary School

Feedback from parents extremely positive and we have seen the highest parent-teacher conference uptake in our school ever! So impressed. We think it is fabulous - so easy to set up and check bookings and the teachers loved the fact that they don't need to do anything except wait for their conference bookings print out.

- Lisa Noonan - Principal/Prenzlau State School

Our records showed an increase in the number of bookings. We set up a 'kiosk' in the library to assist those parents who did not have internet access or had difficultly. This was welcomed by these parents. As it was in one place it was easy to help these parents. We have 94% NESB parents and this task was completed with minimal problems.

- Glenn Hamilton - Assistant Principal/Governor Philip King PS

All parents that I spoke to were very pleased and loved the system. Teachers were very happy with it. In the future we are going to allow much more flexibility with timing now that we have used it once. There was a slight increase in bookings but a much higher percentage of parents that attended and didn't forget.

- Lance Condon - Deputy Principal/Chester Hill PS

I sought feedback from parents via our school newsletter. All parents who responded found it very easy & efficient. They were pleased we have moved to the electronic system. Some parent comments included: 'I thought it was great, easy and provided an instantaneous outcome. Great initiative.' 'I was happy with interview booking system. It was quick & easy.' 'I LOVED the new on-line booking system for parent-teacher interviews. Was easy to use and great with multiple children, getting all three spots not to clash. Was awesome.' I also emailed teachers asking for their feedback. Their comments were as follows: 'I thought the new online booking system was fantastic! So much easier for parents to co-ordinate interviews for multiple children. And so much easier for us teachers too. My children have it at their school. It's great!' 'I did enjoy using the booking system. Very easy to use.' 'I found it really easy to manage, saved time and paper :) Happy to use it again next year.' 'The positives for the new booking system was time - easy to book and parents can book siblings at a time that is suitable. We don't have to respond as bookings are automatic. We didn't have to chase up teachers re sibling time slots.

- Linda Fehlandt- Administration Officer/East Adelaide School

My school community have embraced it and loved it! I will never go back to any other way of booking interviews again.

- Helen Davis - Relieving Principal/Eastwood Heights Public School

All positive feedback, so easy, no lost notes in the bottom of the bags. Office staff loved it and won't go back to the old system ever! Teachers found it great and it saved so much time and reduced organisational issues.

- Clare Kristensen - Principal/Melrose Park Public School

What a fabulous and easy way of booking interview times! So quick and easy to use

- Belinda Leigh - parent at Bass High School

The response to our first round of interviews using your system was overwhelmingly positive... both staff and parents found it easy to use and teachers do feel like that there was greater attendance of parents booking this way. From the administrative side, I found it really use to use and there were minimal technical problems with only a sprinkling of parents who needed help doing it.

- Maresa Lyons - Marketing and PR Officer/Samaritan College

Our parents loved the convenience of being able to book online. Having a large school often makes it difficult for parents to move between rooms to check teacher availability. The online system took away this hassle. I found the support fantastic. If ever I had a question, the response was very prompt.

- Nicole Cloutt - Acting AP/Mater Christi Catholic Primary

We used School Interviews for the first time last term and we found the system fantastic. Both parents and the school found it user friendly. Staff also appreciated being able to see who was coming to the interviews. There was a significant increase in the number of parents attending the interview day- which was great for our school

- Carmel Bourke - Administration/Mortlake P-12 College

We have used for our Meet the Teacher interviews, RSVPs to an event, and currently are using it for bookings to our Prep information sessions. The feedback we received was all positive. Teaching staff and office staff found it easy to use and the processes were easy to follow. Families found it easy to use and were happy to use the system.

- Yvonne Healy - Administrator/Footscray West Primary School. worked extremely well. I have suggested your program to other leaders that I am associated with. The feedback from parents and staff was overwhelmingly positive! We found the program easy to use / manage and set up.

- Graeme Fenton - Principal/Wynn Vale R-7 School

We had some very positive feedback from Parents. I especially loved it as it is normally my job to co-ordinate and collate appointments and with - all I had to do was print the timetables, so I loved it!!!! We had all but 4 families book online themselves. Those 4 families came in to the front office and we helped them do it so it was a 100% success

- Rachel Schoenberg - Saddleworth Primary School

Hello - this is the 1st year that our school has used this system and I hope that they keep doing it!! I booked for 3 children and it was super easy. I was worried for a minute, when I tried to book 2 appointments back to back (twins in the same class) when a pop up window suggested that I shouldn't do that because I might miss one, I thought that it wasn't going to let me do it!! But that is a good reminder as some parents might not take that into consideration when booking Really user friendly, not complicated at all - great system!!

- Narelle - Parent/Gulfview Heights Primary School

I have thoroughly enjoyed using for the administration of our prospective Year 7 Enrolment Interviews. It has been impressively simple from my end, and received in a very positive way by the parents, who have greater control over making the interview time suit for them and their busy lives. I am very, very happy with Many thanks!

- Lorrie Liston - Registrar/St Patrick's College Ballarat

The feedback I received from parents about was overwhelming. Our attendance numbers increased dramatically and many parents commented on how easy the process was and they could determine their own times. They were, overall, delighted with the innovation. The staff also loved it as they had zero paperwork to do other than print a timetable. The admin officer commented on the simplicity of it and the ease with which parents could now book their own time, and loved that she just watched it happen around her without having 'to do' anything. I am new to the Principal's role this year and I have used your service for quite a few years at my previous school. I found out about your service from another school. The beauty of your service is it's simple to use, very cost effective and the support service is close to instantaneous.

- Mary Kearney - Principal/St Joseph's Primary School Northcote

Great idea . I love this , so fast and convenient

- St Damian's Bundoora

I am very impressed with the new system with booking school interviews is. Its much simpler and time efficient to jump on line and arrange for an appointment.

- Anonymous/Mernda Primary School

Not every system is easy to use. The same can't be said for It is a user-friendly and easy-to-use system that makes setting up for parent-teacher interviews a breeze, plus it's extremely affordable. This coupled with its excellent customer service makes an invaluable tool. I highly recommend the use of this system to any school.

- Juliette Krens - Admin Services Manager/Belgrave Heights Christian School

Just wanted to say how great the system was for us. We had a really positive response from both parents and staff, and it certainly saved my sanity !! I found out about your system from my children's school as they used it this year, and being on the other side it was great to use as a parent. I only had about 5 parents who came into the office to book with me and our school has almost 500 students, so that was great. It was great to also have you on the other end of the phone whenever I needed help. We will definitely be using the system again.

- Jools Richardson - Administrative Support Officer/Warnbro Primary School

I just wanted to touch base having used this system for the first time and say a great big THANKS...the process is fantastic and user friendly and the support staff are amazing. we will be back !

- Lisa Deans - St Peter's Primary School Inglewood

Feedback from all staff and parents was positive. It was easy to manage and took a huge workload off the teachers.

- Joy Redman- Assistant Principal/Taree West Public School

We received positive feedback from class teachers, office staff and some parents. All staff thought the process was simple as did the parents who have spoken with us. The office staff really noticed the decrease in administrative tasks required for the interviews to take place.

- Judy Evans - Assistant Principal/Strathfield North Public School

The feedback from parents and staff was extremely positive. In a school of 580 students we only had approx 5 parents require booking assistance. We heard about School Interviews from our teachers who have children at other schools in the local area, that use this service. I also rang a few local schools and they confirmed the positives of the program. Overall I have been very pleased with it and look forward to using it for other events in the future.

- Melanie Ramos/Classroom Teacher 2015 - Shell Cove Public School

Staff liked the fact they could monitor in real time how their bookings were going. Office staff loved the fact it was so easy to organise and that everything was done at the one time. We were able to create teacher & interpreter timetables as soon as the bookings closed rather than double handling information. There also wasn't the need for the teachers to coordinate sibling appointments - parents did that themselves. Support was great- particularly given we also set up for parents to book with teachers and interpreters.

- Michelle Huggan/Principal-Stevensville Primary School

Using was very popular with my staff. They really enjoyed the no fuss, no paper notes, and not having to monitor which note was sent in first.

- Angela Rieger - Principal/Mount Lewis Infants School

I wanted to say a big thank you for having the foresight of creating your website. As diligent as 'some' of my 4 children are, getting them to arrange interviews and sign off forms from teachers (especially when they didn't really want you to speak to a particular teacher) was truly stressful and unwelcome. With your website you have put this process back in to the hands of the parents - where it always was meant to be.

- Martha - Parent/Cheltenham Girls & Epping Boys

We (staff, parents, office staff) ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. We have been inundated with parents raving about the simplicity of booking. As teachers at a split site school, not having to negotiate about siblings was excellent and overall as an executive team our interview responses were at an all time high.

- Rebecca Hilton Brown - Assistant Principal/Orange Public School

We were very happy, thank you. The service was easy to use by all and most parents registered themselves. Only a few had to get admin assistance, and this was easily managed. Everyone involved thought the process was much improved by using your product and there was most definitely an increase in the attendance rate.

- Erin Weightman - Assistant Principal/Surf Coast Secondary College

Not sure where this feedback needs to go but OMG underscore, capitals and yell from the roof top this new on-line way of gaining interviews is fantastic, 60 seconds, complete and confirmed, thank you so much for this implementation.

- Parent Feedback via Simon Owens - Deputy Principal/Port Augusta Secondary School

Staff were extremely impressed with the reduction in workload on their parts and the ease in which they could check on which parents had made bookings, while parents who followed the instructions we provided had no difficulty navigating the service. Thanks to suggestions from your staff, we have come up with ways which will improve the service even further for parents the next time we conduct our interviews. As an administration team, we are totally satisfied with your service and are looking forward to the ease in which we can organise our next lot of parent-teacher interviews. We are also happy that we are reducing our environmental footprint by doing away with the copious amount of notes that are associated with the traditional way of booking interviews. Thanks for your service, it is well worth the small price paid!

- Samuel O'Leary - Acting Deputy Principal/Geebung State School

We used your service for the first time for our parent teacher interviews and are extremely happy with its ease and accuracy and for it being a very efficient way of organising parent interviews. Staff and parents are very pleased with it.

- Mona Abel-Fattah - Principal/Australian International Academy Kellyville

Feedback from parents, teachers and office staff was very positive. Most parents found the online booking simple and easy to use. The teachers enjoyed being able to control their interview times and the office staff really appreciated the major decline in phone calls to book parent interviews. Anyone that needed help booking rang the office for assistance or came in and used the kiosk that was set up. I think it is a fabulous service.

- Melissa Hunt - Assistant Principal/St Joseph's Primary School Taree

The parents, teachers and office staff all loved it. The feedback from parents was great, they thought it was an easy process and made booking with siblings so much easier.

- Louise Stone - Principal/Chifley Public School

Staff were very happy with the system. Office staff commented how it eased their workload. No families were unable to book themselves.

- Karen Simula - Relieving Principal/Woronora River Public School

Not sure where this feedback needs to go but OMG underscore, capitals and yell from the roof top this new on-line way of gaining interviews is fantastic, 60 seconds, complete and confirmed, thank you so much for this implementation.

- Anonymous Parent - Port Augusta Secondary School

As the administrator I found your system was so simple to use, the school community had very favourable comments to make and we had over 80% attendance and the staff also found it very easy enabling us to take this important level of communication to a whole new level! Many thanks the software and the team support was exceptional! The office staff were very pleased as it relieved some of their workload.

- Philip Rouland - Principal/Hurstville South Public School

We have used the system several times now. It is very user friendly and easy for the parents to log into. I have found the system easy to set up as well. I have not heard any negative feedback regarding the system.

- Denise Fricker - Old Orchard Primary School Blackburn North

Brilliant, so user-friendly! So easy!

- Anonymous - Pimlico State High was a very easy system to use and we all absolutely loved it here at St Mary St Joseph!! The parents found it easy to use. I did not have any parents coming in with any questions. The teachers absolutely loved it as it has taken away hours of paper work!

- Melanie White - Assistant Principal/St Mary-St Joseph Catholic Primary

I think the online booking for Parent-Teachers Interview is great! Its also gives you the slots that are taken by other parents and leaves you with the vacant slots. Time saver!

- Maria M - Parent/Marist Sisters College Woolwich

It's been an amazing system to use. Easy to set up from an administrator perspective and a breath of fresh air for the teaching staff who loved it the second they used it in the trial. Beats paper bookings any time! Thank you for the excellent level of support you also rendered us. You were available to answer questions and always returned phone calls, even after hours. Thank you. We will continue to look for ways to include the site.

- Angie Cooper - Dean of Growth and Performance, Hennessy Catholic College

Firstly, I must say, that the experience has been - without exception - absolutely trouble-free! From my initial setting-up of the base information, to the how-to documents for all parties, to the booking process for both parents and teachers/admin staff, each step has been easy to follow and worked without any problem at all. The admin staff all agree that the system for making bookings on behalf of parents was quick and easy, although they only had to do a small handful of bookings (3-4) in this way. Feedback from teachers is that they were not asked at all to make a booking for a parent. They were all very comfortable in the way they could access their interview times and gave no negative feedback at all about the system.

- Alison Lancashire - Admin Assistant/Scoresby Primary

Our parents absolutely loved schoolinterviews online booking system - it was so very easy. I had great feedback from our teachers too! From an administrator's point of view, I appreciated the quick response to any questions I had and it saved so much time!!! Thankyou!

- Irene Stewart - St Joachim's School Carrum Downs

Brilliant program! I have used the manual system and it is a headache, especially with four children! Having to wait for a teacher to respond to a time request and then realising it conflicts with another child's time. Disaster... This program enables me to see and book in live time and enables me to be able to see all the teachers needed at my request.

- Anonymous - Oakhill Drive Public School

All round I think staff & parents loved it. I found it spectacularly easy to use and navigate.

- Jason Wakefield - IT Manager/St George's Anglican Grammar

The program was really well received by our parents. Staff loved not having to get together to work out sibling appointments which has been required in the past.

- Therese O'Callaghan - Assistant/Koo Wee Rup Primary

Very easy website to use and very convenient that I can choose my own times, suited to my schedule and with more than one child. Love it.

- Trudi Orpin - Parent/Wonthaggi Primary

I love how simple your program makes booking school interviews. Gone are the days of going back and forth and having to list multiple preferences for times and waiting for confirmation. I just booked my daughter's interview in under 30 seconds. Super impressed - I love it!

- Sharon - Parent/Tyabb Primary School

There is so much potential for many things. I am a mum to first time foundation/prep student so all this is soooooo different to when I was at school. Well done on coming up with something parents can do on the run and time that suits them. It's easy and quick. Great stuff.

- Louise - Parent/Melton South Primary

Where was School Interviews 41 years ago when I first started teaching? I have now used the program for Parent/Teacher Interviews and our After School Activities program comprising over 40 activities over 4 days a week. The collating of interview times and activity participation are now as easy as ABC. As a bonus, the support service is brilliant, 24/7, irrespective of time zone. The perfect gift to any overworked secretary or coordinator is an annual subscription for School Interviews.

- Dr Ken Darvall - Primary School Principal, King Faisal School, Saudi Arabia

We received many positive comments from parents about ease and speed of system. Teachers thought it was great and the office staff loved it, much easier and quicker than a manual system. There was an increase in the number of parents making bookings and in a quicker time. Only two or three needed assistance which was easy for us. is great and very efficient.

- Julianne Cift - Secretary/St Catherine Laboure School

Teachers thought it was FANTASTIC! It saved so much time. There is no way we will be going back to the old system! We had a 'temp' in the office for a few weeks and even she was able to access the system to make appointments for parents it was so easy.

- Tonia Gibson - Assistant Principal/Greenhills Primary

This system was great. It saved time for teachers and the office staff. As the coordinator for interviews I found it a lot easier than other years. Thanks for the easy way the website works, it is brilliant.

- Martin King - Teacher/Rolling Hills Primary

All feedback I received from both staff and parents was positive. In previous years we have had to slot parents in if they had not chosen a time but was so much easier. Thank you for all of your help and for making my life a little easier in the office!

- Debbie Worm - Admin Officer/Sacred Heart Primary Tatura

The system is working really well at Bethlehem. We have used it for 3 events this year and look forward to having it in place for next year.

- Vanessa Noonan - E Learning Coordinator/Bethlehem College

What can I say! is absolutely fantastic. This system took the pressure off all staff, teachers and admin staff.

- Tony Hunter - Principal/Sacred Heart Primary

The Parent/Teacher interviews ran really well. Parents and staff found the system easy to use. As the administrator, I found it so time saving - especially when I had 4 teachers away on the day and all I had to do was cancel and email parents. So much quicker than the many calls I would have had to make.

- Julie Powell - Assistant Principal/Warracknabeal Secondary College

All Hallows staff and parents loved using for our interviews. It made the process so much easier. One of our teachers was sick and unable to attend the interview evening. Cancelling her interviews was so easy and the follow up email to each parent made sure all were informed quickly.

- Kathy Elliot - Principal/All Hallows Primary

Parents loved it!! We had lots of positive feedback and all went smoothly. It was a very efficient process that gave me back my teaching time, for the students - no wasting time during lessons trying to book appointments!

- Silvana Rossetti - Assistant Principal/Domremy College

OMG - why didn't we use this a long time ago! At first some staff were hesitant, but it was utterly and completely supported by both our staff and our parent community. It was so easy to use and Parents were thrilled with it.

- Karin Hartnell - Business Manager/Tecoma Primary School is so easy and user friendly. All the feedback from our school community was so positive that we will definitely be using this tool again. All the staff found it helpful to be able to look at their timetables online. Our admin staff informed us that there were no issues presented to them regarding parents needing help.

- Amy Gallina - Teacher/St Christopher's Primary School

BRILLIANT! As we are a fairly small school, I am the one who handles making the P/T Interview appointments. Using was wonderful. Very easy to set up, monitor & then all I had to do was print timetables! Didn't hear any negative feedback, only positive. I only had one parent without computer access, come in, and it was very easy to go in and book their appointment.

- Vivian Galan - Admin Assistant/Holy Eucharist Primary School Malvern East

Very pleased with whole process. It was excellent! We got some great feedback.

- Jenny Hogan - Deputy Principal/Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School

I found it to be a most efficient and time saving way to organise the interviews and will also use it for organising our testing appointments in the new year.

- Peter Wilson - Deputy Principal/Holy Rosary School

All went great for our interviews and parents and teachers love!!! We will definitely be using this as an ongoing tool in our school.

- Therese Gaunt - Assistant Principal/Our Lady of Fatima Primary School

We loved it, could not have gone smoother - really fantastic!

- Philippa Young - Principal/Wirreanda Public School

We were, as were the parents, very happy with the system. It was very well received, easily set up and our bookings increased. We will continue to use it in the future and indeed may look at using it for other matters. Well done and thanks - I strongly recommend the program to others.

- Rob Nastasi - Assistant Principal/De La Salle College

The feedback we received was all positive. Parents couldn't believe how easy it was, staff were in the same boat. A lot of parents said it was a great thing and that it made the bookings a lot simpler. We are looking forward to see where else we can use it in our school.

- Ben Fitzpatrick - Assistant to Principal/St Joseph's College Echuca

We are very happy with the ease of use of the booking system and also really happy with the level of support that comes with the system. Teachers have commented positively about the process and parents have also been positive in their feedback.

- Fiona Graham - Deputy Principal/Highland Reserve State School

Onilne booking with for our recent parent teacher interviews, was fantastic. We received several emails from parents about how wonderful and easy it was for them to use as well as verbal comments. The office staff were able to help a small handful of parents with their interview booking. It was so easy for the office staff to log on and book interviews as well as check the timetables along the way and follow up those who had not booked, which were very few.

- Olga Radywonik - Administration Officer/St Margaret's Primary School Maribyrnong

The parents and teachers thought it was great and found it easy to use. For us office staff, we thought it was fantastic and loved not having to deal with the stress of all the phone calls!!! Setting up was a breeze and I am looking forward to setting up for our next parent teacher night for Year 12.

- Michelle Robinson - Secondary Office/Avondale School

It has worked so easily, parents and staff have all been very impressed and everyone has found it very easy. There have only been a handful who have asked me to book for them and that is so quick and easy anyway that it's just not a bother! The number of parents who have attended is definitely higher than when we have previously set appointments - I think that's because they are in total control of when the appointment will best suit them and they can go back and change it if there's a problem anyway.

- Fil Vandertuin - Admin Staff/St Patrick's Primary School Pakenham

We are extremely happy and impressed with your product and are exploring ways we can use it further.

- Louise Burke - Principal/Marri Grove Primary School

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this WONDERFUL system. It is simple to use, and we have had nothing but positive feedback. YAY!!

- Meron Drummond - Principal/Briar Hill Primary

Once again, we used your fantastic service for parents to book Family Interviews on line. All went very smoothly. It saved the office staff valuable time in checking. Feedback from parents has also been great. They love the idea of being able to book times that suit them, rather than us giving them a time. I would recommend it to all schools. It is also so easy to set up and use. Well done and many thanks.

- Anne Ryan - Deputy Principal/St Monica's Primary Moonee Ponds

We have found the service has been well received and used by our whole school community and we have recommended it to many other schools who have utilised your service too.

- Cain McDonald - Principal/Victory Lutheran College

We are all amazed at the ease of the program and time it has saved in paperwork and organisation. Parents are happy too because they feel they have more control over choosing their times. In addition, the help has given has proved invaluable.

- Michael Farrell - Curriculum Coordinator/Eltham North Primary School

Using was the best thing that we have done! It saved on time, stress and confusion and made the whole process pain free. We needed to remind parents to make their bookings as it was a change in process for them however, the feedback at the end from parents was extremely positive. We had a small number of parents who rang the school to assist in making their bookings however this was done quickly and efficiently and the office staff were not inconvenienced in any way. There was a dramatic increase in the number of parents who booked interviews.

- Janelle Heffernan - Principal/St Carthage's Primary - Lismore

Feedback from parents was very positive. The flexibility to make their own appointments to fit in to their schedules was definitely something they liked. As an admin person, I certainly appreciated the program in that it saved me a lot of time. No more putting information on spreadsheets, sending notifications or altering schedules when times didn't suit parents.....that can only be a plus in a busy office!! I found the whole process of using the program for the first time, easy!! Initial set-up was user friendly and the support that was available when needed, was reassuring.

- Debbie Garlick - Administration Officer/St Joseph's Primary School Kerang

Schoolinterviews was fantastic. We had over 100 bookings in the first three hours. The staff were initailly worried about not being able to choose the times to see parents, but it was fine. The parents liked the convenience, especially when there were siblings to timetable around. The number of parents attending was about the same but the effort to get that result was much less. We only had 6 families from our school with approximately 500 students, who saw the office to make a booking for them.

- Robert Borg - Principal/Beverly Hills Public

The school interview online booking went so well. The teachers and parents thought it was the best thing that we had introduced at the school in a long time. More than 85% of our community used it and only a few came to the office area for help. Teachers loved the fact that they didn't have to find time to arrange interviews, send notes home with interview times and check with other teachers who had siblings or if times clashed. Parents liked the fact that they knew straight away if they had the time they wanted and could still change time if they needed to. The whole process was effortless including the set up.

- Deanne Stephenson- Principal/Ashbury Public School

The feedback from parents was very positive regarding the layout of the program and how easy it was to log on and book in. The teachers appreciated not having to work out times and write slips for parents and they found it easy to access the system and print out their times for the afternoon. As the office member setting up the program I found it very easy to negotiate the site and provide links for our parents. I had only 2 parents that asked for assistance in booking only as they did not have computer access.

- Tina Darley - School Admin Manager/Wilton Public School was fantastic on all levels. Teachers didn't have to do all the paperwork that was usually involved, and only had to go on when the bookings had closed, to print their timetables. We only had about 10 parents from our 400 families, wanting us to make bookings for them.

- Julie Ryan - Deputy Principal/Peakhurst Public School

We have found using very easy and great value for money. It's a fantastic time saving device. We saw an increase in parents attending interviews and have found your customer service and help in organising our canteen roster exceptional. We would recommend to anyone.

- Bronwyn Sartori- School Secretary/St Patrick's Primary Swansea

This is such a good idea. It saves having to rely on students to take your filled in paper and get the appointments that you want. You can see across the whole interview schedule and book each one to ensure that you have enough time to get from one to the other. Well done. This is such a painless way to get interviews booked. Thank you.

- Deb Ross - Parent/South Sydney High

The whole process went so smoothly. It saved us hours of work and mountains of angst! Teachers and parents gave very positive feedback about using the system. All this for such a great price too! So, thank you very much!!

- Steve Albon - Principal/Warranwood Primary School