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Now you can book school interviews for the times that suit you. Simply enter the event code and press "Go".

You will be guided through three simple steps, and a few moments later you will get an email confirming your interviews.

School Interviews works for both primary and secondary schools. If you have children at another school that doesn't use our service, let them know what they are missing!


"The whole process went so smoothly. It saved us hours of work and mountains of angst! Teachers and parents gave very positive feedback about using the system. All this for such a great price too! So, thank you very much!!"

- Steve Albon, Principal at Warranwood Primary School

"We are all amazed at the ease of the program and time it has saved in paperwork and organisation. Parents are happy too because they feel they have more control over choosing their times. In addition, the help has given has proved invaluable."

- Michael Farrell, Curriculum Coordinator at Eltham North Primary School

"What a great idea booking online. It saves time and paperwork. Well done to the organisers."

- Parent at Trinity Catholic Primary

"It's a great product and made our lives so much more efficient!"

- Cain McDonald, Principal at Victory Lutheran College

"We have found the service has been well received and used by our whole school community and we have recommended it to many other schools who have utilised your service too."

- Michael Jones, Beaumaris North Primary School

"Once again, we used your fantastic service for parents to book Family Interviews on line. All went very smoothly. It saved the office staff valuable time in checking. Feedback from parents has also been great. They love the idea of been able to book times that suit them rather than us giving them a time. I would recommend it to all schools. It is also so easy to set up and use. Well done and many thanks."

- Anne Ryan, Deputy principal at St Monica's Primary

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this WONDERFUL system. It is simple to use, and we have had nothing but positive feedback. YAY!!"

- Meron Drummond, Briar Hill Primary School

"We are extremely happy and impressed with your product and are exploring ways we can use it further."

- Louise Burke, Principal at Marri Grove Primary School

"It has worked so easily, parents and staff have all been very impressed and everyone has found it very easy. There have only been a handful who have asked me to book for them and that is so quick and easy anyway that it's just not a bother! The number of parents who have attended is definitely higher than when we have previously set appointments - I think that's because they are in total control of when the appointment will best suit them and they can go back and change it if there's a problem anyway."

- Fil Vandertuin, Admin Office at St Patrick's Primary School

"The parents and teachers thought it was great and found it easy to use. For us office staff, we thought it was fantastic and loved not having to deal with the stress of all the phone calls!!! Setting up was a breeze and I am looking forward to setting up for our next parent teacher night for Year 12."

- Michelle Robinson, Secondary Office at Avondale School

"Onilne booking with for our recent parent teacher interviews, was fantastic. We received several emails from parents about how wonderful and easy it was for them to use as well as verbal comments. The office staff were able to help a small handful of parents with their interview booking. It was so easy for the office staff to log on and book interviews as well as check the timetables along the way and follow up those who had not booked, which were very few."

- Olga Radywonik, Administration Officer at St Margaret's Primary School

"We are very happy with the ease of use of the booking system and also really happy with the level of support that comes with the system. Teachers have commented positively about the process and parents have also been positive in their feedback."

- Fiona Graham, Deputy Principal Highland Reserve State School

"The feedback we received was all positive. Parents couldn't believe how easy it was, staff were in the same boat. A lot of parents said it was a great thing and that it made the bookings a lot simpler. We are looking forward to see where else we can use it in our school."

- Ben Fitzpatrick, St Joseph's College

"We were, as were the parents, very happy with the system. It was very well received, easily set up and our bookings increased. We will continue to use it in the future and indeed may look at using it for other matters. Well done and thanks - I strongly recommend the program to others."

- Rob Nastasi, Assistant Principal at De La Salle College

"We loved it, could not have gone smoother - really fantastic!"

- Philippa Young, Principal at Wirreanda Public School

"All went great for our interviews and parents and teachers love!!! We will definitely be using this as an ongoing tool in our school."

- Therese Gaunt, Assistant Principal at Our Lady of Fatima Primary School

"I found it to be a most efficient and time saving way to organise the interviews and will also use it for organising our testing appointments in the new year."

- Peter Wilson, Deputy Principal at Holy Rosary School

"Very pleased with whole process. It was excellent! We got some great feedback."

- Jenny Hogan, Deputy Principal at Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School

"BRILLIANT! As we are a fairly small school, I am the one who handles making the P/T Interview appointments. Using was wonderful. Very easy to set up, monitor & then all I had to do was print timetables! Didn't hear any negative feedback, only positive. I only had one parent without computer access, come in, and it was very easy to go in and book their appointment."

- Vivian Galan, Administration Assistant at Holy Eucharist Primary School

" is so easy and user friendly. All the feedback from our school community was so positive that we will definitely be using this tool again. All the staff found it helpful to be able to look at their timetables online. Our admin staff informed us that there were no issues presented to them regarding parents needing help."

- Amy Gallina, St Christopher's Primary School

"Parents loved it!! We had lots of positive feedback and all went smoothly. It was a very efficient process that gave me back my teaching time, for the students - no wasting time during lessons trying to book appointments!"

- Silvana Rossetti, Assistant Principal at Domremy College

"All Hallows staff and parents loved using for our interviews. It made the process so much easier. One of our teachers was sick and unable to attend the interview evening. Cancelling her interviews was so easy and the follow up email to each parent made sure all were informed quickly."

- Kathy Elliot, Principal at All Hallows Primary

"The Parent/Teacher interviews ran really well. Parents and staff found the system easy to use. As the administrator, I found it so time saving - especially when I had 4 teachers away on the day and all I had to do was cancel and email parents. So much quicker than the many calls I would have had to make."

- Julie Powell, Assistant Principal at Warracknabeal Secondary College

"What can I say. The is absolutely fantastic. This system took the pressure off all staff, teachers and admin staff."

- Tony Hunter, Principal at Sacred Heart Primary School

"The system is working really well at Bethlehem. We have used it for 3 events this year and look forward to having it in place for next year."

- Vanessa Noonan, E Learning Coordinator at Bethlehem College

"All feedback I received from both staff and parents was positive. In previous years we have had to slot parents in if they had not chosen a time but this online booking was so much easier. Thank you for all of your help and for making my life a little easier in the office!"

- Debbie Worm, Sacred Heart Primary

"This system was great. It saved time for teachers and the office staff. As the coordinator for interviews I found it a lot easier than other years. Thanks for the easy way the website works, it is brilliant."

- Anne Campbell and Martin King, Rolling Hills Primary

"Teachers thought it was FANTASTIC! It saved so much time. There is no way we will be going back to the old system! Office Staff - thought it was good. We had a 'temp' in the office for a few weeks and even she was able to access the system to make appointments for parents it was so easy."

- Tonia Gibson, Assistant Principal at Greenhills Primary School

School Interviews makes organising parent evenings easy.

You can set up an interview evening in minutes, and enter phone bookings in seconds. Our system is simple and efficient, and our friendly support people are happy to help if you have any questions.

And it's not just parent-teacher interviews. Bookings for subject selection, school fĂȘte volunteers , uniform fittings or information evening RSVPs are just as easy to set up - at no additional cost. Find out more:

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